Bataleur after editing
Background I belong to a number of photography sites and facebook groups, and a common question asked relates to Adobe software tools that are useful to photographers. A frequent lament goes “I would love to have Photoshop and LightRoom, but they are so expensive.” Even if you don’t find them […]

Free Software alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom: GIMP and digiKam

Lithophyllym cuneatum
And now for something comepletely different: Lithophyllum cuneatum KEATS, a new species that I discovered in 1994, which is the white stuff on the pinkish stuff in the photo below. The both belong to the coralline red algae. Coralline red algae are common intertidal and subtidal inhabitants from polar to […]

For something different: Lithophyllum cuneatum KEATS

The Jewel Box
Last night when we went out to photograph Jupiter and Venus, Melissa and I also took a photo of the Southern Cross. We noticed a small cluster of stars just off to the left and slightly below Beta Crucis. Not being that familiar with the night sky, we looked into […]

Seeing the Jewelbox for the first time in the sky

I went out with my daughter tonight to see Venus and Jupiter, with thanks to Esther for alerting us. The photo that we took is below. Note that Venus is much much much smaller, but because it is so much closer it looks bigger. Notice also that you can see […]

A little amateur photo astronomy tonight

NGC 6744
Today is Sunday, a day when supposedly over 2.2 billion of the World’s 7+ Billion people are supposed to worship a variety of entities that differ from person to person, but for which there is not a single shred of empirical evidence. In my case, I give thanks to the […]

Giving thanks and pondering the future

I went for a short visit to the future, and I came across these history notes. I thought I would share them with you. Earth June 27, 2115 100 years ago today, the Earth was a very different place. You may be surprised just how different it was. Here are […]

Future history of 2015

This is my new blog site, it is replacing my old blog that is still up for now at, but which I have not attended to lately. It is my intention to try to blog regularly on topics that interest me, and that will hopefully be of interest to […]

Welcome to my new blog